Best Hair Wax for Men Reviewed 2018 [For Thick & Thin Hair]

The well-groomed look is certainly something that will never go out of style and most men feel more confident and ready when they are groomed.

When it comes to grooming, the best hair wax is definitely something that every man needs to strive for. It will help you look more professional and improve chances with the ladies as well.

Since we highly recommend being well-groomed, we have taken a step back to look at the top hair wax products on the market today.

These products are designed for the stylish individuals and they will give you a great hold that lasts all day long. If you love staying in fashion and looking great, these products are definitely for you.

Top 10 Hair Wax Products for Men

Before we dive into some of the smaller features and tell you how to select the right product, you might be wondering which products are rated as the best.

The products we have selected are designed for every man and they will help you shine. With that being said, here is our selection of the best hair wax products for men on the market today:

Jack Black Wax Pomade

Jack Black Wax Pomade

  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Versatile to be used for your beard as well
  • Perfect for thicker hair

  • Might not be the best for thinner hair

Designed from completely natural ingredients, the Jack Black Wax Pomade is a one of a kind wax. The product is really lightweight and it is easy to apply as well.

Designed for men with lots of hair, the product enables you to keep your normal and professional hairstyle for the corporate world as well as ensure all of those locks are kept under control.

It is not only designed for your hair and it can also be used to moisturize and keep your beard under control without adding anything that will result in an oily look.

Beeswax is included as the prime ingredient and this has been clinically tested to give you the best possible hold and ensure that you keep your good-looking style all day long.

Since it has been tested by numerous dermatologists, the product is also safe for those who might be against animal cruelty and this means that the product is completely natural and effective in any situation.

However, it might not be the best option for those with thinner hair as the product might give somewhat of a sleek look that could be a little too much in the line of gel.

For the price, this product is definitely recommended and it includes all the great features you would expect to find in a great wax product.

If you have problems with your beard and a couple of stray hairs that won’t fall into place, this will be one of the best products that you could consider to ensure you get great results and remain well-groomed for every situation.

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Redken Maneuver Work Wax

Maneuver Work Wax Unisex Wax by Redken

  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and water based
  • Easy to readjust your hair
  • Unisex design

  • The hold is only medium and not for men with thick hair

As one of the oldest brands on the market today, Redken has been developing grooming products for the better part of the last 50-years.

The brand has been developing new technology and methods to improve your look and the Maneuver Work Wax is one of their best-selling products designed for both men and women.

Since the product is water-based, it is a little lighter than some of the other waxes and this also means that it can be perfect for men who have thinner hair to keep those stray hairs in place.

Stearyl alcohol has also been included and while this might be a little tough on people with a sensitive scalp, the product is perfect for everyday use for the average man and it will also keep your hair looking fresh and clean.

Since the product is quite light, it also washes out of your hair quite easily and this means that you should not really have too many problems when it comes to keeping your hair in check after a night out.

The only real problem that we found it the medium hold and this means that it might not be the best option for men with thicker hair. It might also be a little weak if you have longer hair.

With such versatility, this is one of the best products for everyday use. It enables you to easily readjust your hair during the day without having to apply more of the product and the price isn’t too bad either. In general, we would certainly recommend this product for men and women with shorter and thinner hair to keep the style going for the day.

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TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

  • The medium hold is ideal for thick hair
  • Really affordable
  • Natural look
  • The product is easy to wash out
  • It might be a little heavy for certain users

  • It might be a little heavy for certain users

The TIGI Bed Head B for Men Matte Separation Workable Wax is the ideal wax for the younger bunch looking for a “wacky” hairstyle that will draw some attention from your friends and your family.

Beeswax is also the key ingredient and this means that you will have a really strong hold to ensure your hair and style stays in place for the entire day.

Since it offers a natural finish, the product is perfect for those looking for the “bedhead” look, it will allow you to brag about waking up with such a stylish hairstyle.

The blend of polymers is the perfect addition for those with thinner hair and it also ensures that the product will wash out quite easily when you are done for the day.

While the product is completely resistant to the weather and it should definitely keep your hair in place and from frizzing when you are going out, it might be a little too heavy for some users.

The wax is considered to be a medium-weight wax and this means that many users might feel a little uncomfortable using it for the corporate world if they have thinner hair.

The best part of this product is the price and this is one of the cheapest options on the market today. It is not only designed for men but the p[rice means that it should also be perfect for younger adults who might be strapped to a budget. We would definitely recommend this product to students and teens looking to groom themselves a little better.

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FX Molding Wax

FX Molding Wax

  • Really easy to apply
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Decent hold
  • Great smell

  • Quite expensive

The FX Molding Wax is one of the most commonly found products in the homes of many well-groomed men.

It features a unisex composition and all the ingredients are completely natural to ensure that you have no harmful reactions to the product and to keep you looking and feeling great when you need to look and feel great.

With a vibrant color, the product is really easy to spot and to find and it features a decent hold as well. If you are worried about the color, this will all disappear as you put the product in your hair. However, you should be careful not to use too much of the product or the color might show and this could spoil the look.

With a patented polymer formula, the product is designed for men and women and it can be used on virtually any part of the body.

Most women also use this product when they have short hair as it will help the skin to rejuvenate and enable you to moisturize your beard as a male. Additionally, the beads also make the product much easier to apply.

While it might be a little expensive compared to most of the other wax products, it is still designed for the active man trying to look great. As we have mentioned, you should just control the amount of the product you apply to ensure that you don’t have any problems. However, the instructions should allow you to easily do this.

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Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay

Hair Styling Clay for Men – Pliable Molding Cream with Matte

  • Really strong hold
  • Can be used for your beard as well
  • Really affordable
  • Might even thicken your hair

  • Might weigh down your hair

Next, we have another affordable product and this is the Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay since it features a thicker clay base, the product is most designed for men with thicker and longer hair to keep the hair in place. It also features a strong hold for those “wacky” and extravagant looks that many people might be after.

We also love the fact that the product is shine-free and this means that the matte texture will be perfect for giving you an extremely natural look to compliment your natural appearance. People working in the corporate industry will be fond of this product. Since it has the ability to thicken your hair, those with thin hair will find it very attractive as well.

It is also worth noting that this product can be used for your beard as well. However, it might look a little too much as the hold can be really strong for certain individuals. We have also seen some users complain about the weight and how hard it can be to wash the product out of their hair. However, it does the job that it should.

Once again, the price is one of the best parts and we definitely love the affordable price tag. This makes the product perfect for virtually any individuals, but we have seen it too wonders for men in the corporate industry. If you are looking for something to hold your hair and resist the weather, this is one of the best products to consider using.

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Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax

Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax

  • Really easy to use
  • Offers excellent hold
  • Works with artificial dyes and hair products
  • Medium to light hold

  • Does have a sheen look

Our next product is the Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax and this is one of the lightest wax products on the market today. The product is designed to keep your hair in place while allowing it to still be moved by the conditions.

However, it easily snaps back into place once you get out of the wind and you have the opportunity to readjust your hair.

Since it has been infused with hops, this product is perfect for broken or damaged hair. The combination of the ingredients will ensure that your hair does have the right nutrients and this will allow you to feel and look great. The natural finish enables your hair to look perfect for the corporate world as well and the hold is really flexible.

One of the biggest downsides might be the sheen finish and many people have complained about having that added bit of shine in the light. However, this should not be too much of a problem if you are casually using this wax.

It is also worth noting that it works well with artificial dyes and hair products that will improve your overall look.

Overall, this product is one of the top and trusted hair wax products on the market today. It is perfect for the active man and when looking at the price, you will notice that it will not break the back either. If you need something with a light to medium hold, this will definitely be one of the top hair wax products on the market today.

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Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

  • Completely natural look
  • Infused with hops to improve hair nutrition
  • Does not have any sheen
  • Lightweight

  • A little harder to wash out of your hair

Blind Barber is such a great brand with a massive reputation; we have included the Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade on our list as well.

Made with the same quality materials as the previous product, this one is also designed from completely natural ingredients that will not only improve your look but also give you an excellent hold throughout the day.

Since it has also been infused with hops, the product has a great rejuvenating effect and this will help to keep your hair protected from different conditions.

It also enables you to use the product for any type of hair but might take a little longer to wash out of your hair. While the previous product does have a sheen finish, this one has a natural matte finish for a more natural look.

The water-based formulation will still give you a strong hold, but it is much lighter than many of the oil-based products. This means that you can easily readjust your hairstyle and no one will even notice the product in your hair unless they touch it.

It is also worth noting that the product features a vanilla scent and this will allow you to smell fresh and look great.

Compared to many of the other pomades, the Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade is in the same price range that you would expect to pay for something of quality. However, it is designed for those in the corporate world looking for something a with a natural look. We would definitely recommend this product for the price and the quality it offers users.

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Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade


  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong hold for thick hair
  • Lightweight and easy to wash out
  • Reputable brand

  • Takes some time to apply

The Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a revolutionary hair styling product with some of the main properties that you would need to keep your hair looking great. Beeswax is once again the core ingredient and this means that it offers a strong hold to resist any changes in the weather and those windy conditions that you need to deal with.

Like much of the other hair styling products, this one is really lightweight and this enables you to easily manipulate your hair for the best possible look and finish. It allows you to easily style your hair and readjust the style during the day without having to apply more of the product when you need to quickly improve your look.

Applying the product might take some time and instead of simply applying it directly to your hair, it is much better to heat it up as this will make it much easier for you to style your hair. This might be timely and you need to set aside a couple of extra minutes before you get dressed for this process. Some users also say that it takes too long to become softer.

In terms of the price, it is slightly expensive, but the product will definitely last you a couple of months. You might need to dole out a couple of bucks now, but you will be saving in the long run and this is why we have recommended it. With a great hold and excellent versatility, we would recommend this to any man looking to improve their style.

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Paul Mitchell Dry Wax

Paul Mitchell Dry Wax

  • Reputable brand
  • Easy to use and features strong hold
  • It features a natural scent
  • Offers a natural look

  • Quite expensive

Paul Mitchell Dry Wax is one of the top hair wax products on the market today. It has been designed by one of the top hairstylists in the world and this has ensured that the product does have a great reputation that supersedes it. It does feature a strong hold, but this is more firm than overly strong to enable the user to easily adjust the style.

Since it can be applied to dry hair with ease, it has become a real favorite amongst that celebrity users as well.

With a neutral scent, no one will even notice that you have wax applied in your hair and the natural matte finish will help to aid in disguising your hair product to help you have a much more natural look.

What we really like is the small amount that needs to be used and this means the product will also last you longer than some of the others. It is designed for men and women and it can be sued for either thin or thick hair. However, it mi9ght not be the best option for those with extremely long hair as the hold is not that strong.

When it comes to the price, you should keep in mind that this is a top brand and it is mostly used by some of the elite hairstylists to keep their customers happy. If you are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to sufficiently grooming yourself, this is definitely one of the best products that you can buy to improve your look.

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Suave Professionals Styling Paste

  • Really cheap
  • Easy to apply
  • Strong and effective hold
  • Natural look

  • Can be tough to wash out of your hair effectively

Last but certainly not least, we have the Suave Professionals Styling Paste and this is a completely different take on hair wax. The product features a paste-like design and this enables you to easily apply it to your hair without having to worry about warming up the product for an instantly stylish look and effect.

While the paste itself might be a little sticky, the product only required you to take a small dime in your hands to apply and this allows you to save some money in the longer run.

It might take some getting used to if you are to apply it correctly, but eventually, you will figure it out and the product should be really effective.

Pastes are not as popular as normal wax and this is why the product is a little cheaper. It features an extremely strong hold and this is what youth users might love to keep those longer hairstyles in place.

It is also worth noting that it features a natural look and this will be what you need if you are working in the corporate world.

Key Features When Buying the Best Wax for Men’s Hair

Whether you are a male buying the product for yourself or a female buying some wax for your man, there are a couple of features that you should keep in mind. These features will enable you to find the right product for the job and you will definitely be happy in the end. Here are the most important features we used to select this top 10 list:


The scent is one of the most important parts of selecting a wax product. While you would love to smell great, the product should not have an overwhelming smell as this could make it obvious and you may come across as a little too much.

When it comes to choosing a great wax product, we highly recommend looking for something with a neutral smell as this will ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and your cologne will still have an effect.

The hold

Depending on your hair, the hold will be really important as well. After all, you are buying the product to keep your hair in place. If you have thick or long hair, having a stronger hold will be your best option. However, those with thinner hair should find something with a light hold. Mixing this up might lead to weak holds or hair looking overly waxed.


When it comes to wax, having a sheen is not always the best way to go. The main purpose of wax is to give you a natural look and allow you to look as if you did not really do much to your hair.

Most products will tell you on the label if it will give you a sheen finish. Nevertheless, we highly recommend having a natural look for the best results.


When it comes to a minor product like wax, you might find many new brands that you have never heard off or seen before. While this should not deter you from giving them a shot, it is much better to stick to your reputable brands.

These products have been tested by dermatologists to ensure that you do get a product free of animal cruelty or any other harmful additives.

Additional ingredients

Nowadays most hair wax products will have a couple of added ingredients and these ingredients might help you when it comes to improving the health of your hair. If you are looking for a product that enables you to improve your hair growth, there are other ingredients like tea tree oils to keep in mind as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you should have a decent understanding of hair wax products and you should be able to easily find the right product for your needs. However, many people might still have a few unanswered questions and we have tried to single them out. Here are a couple of common questions we have seen asked:

  • Should I use wax or gel for a slick look?

The slicked-back look is slowly making its way back in fashion and many people are trying to replicate this look with the wax they have. However, it is not the best way to go and wax is not really designed for the slicked-back look. If you are looking for this look, you should stick to your strong hold gel products.

  • Is it easy to wash out wax?

Most of the popular brands understand how frustrating it can be to walk around with yesterdays wax in your hair and they have mostly moved to water-based products. The water-based products are much easier to wash out and they are lighter as well. This means they can also allow you to readjust your hair during the day.

  • What do we mean by heavy and lightweight wax?

Lightweight wax is a common phrase you hear thrown around by many of the professionals. However, this does not directly refer to the weight of the wax. It relates to the hold and if the hold is too strong, it might clump up your hair. This might have a bad effect on your look. Lightweight wax might have the opposite effect for those with thicker and longer hair.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand all the fundamentals, you are ready to buy some wax and improve your look. Being well-groomed is part of the modern era and more men are taking some time and effort to ensure they look great. We would highly recommend all of the hair wax products on this list for the price and the value they offer.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these products. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever used any of them and if we might have missed any other hair wax products that you like. We look forward to reading your comments.

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