5 Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies [2018 Reviews & Findings]

Sucking snot! Ugh, quite a tough thing especially for first-time moms. But it doesn’t have to be that scary. We went on a mission to find out what the best nasal aspirators are on the market and below is a list of top quality products we reviewed.

Also provided is information on what to consider when choosing a good aspirator, dangers and safety precautions of various aspirators.

A nasal aspirator is a relatively small gadget designed with a sole purpose of drawing out mucus from a baby’s nose through a suction process.  A nasal aspirator is an effective garget when used correctly, it helps to relieve newborns congestion by drawing out fluids from a baby’s nostril within 2 minutes and make it easier for the baby to breathe.

5 best nasal aspirators for babies

When choosing a nasal aspirator there is usually many brands in the market and it becomes confusing which one to take home. The best aspirator should help your kid to breathe better after the suction. Here are the best baby aspirators you should consider whenever you are in need of buying one.


Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker by Fridababy

This baby aspirator was pioneered by a mother and a lawyer by profession Mrs. Chelsea Hirschhorn.  Mrs. Chelsea saw the gap and an untapped market for a product that can be used to help mothers deal with the very difficult aspect of parenting. She made the brand a big thing using slogans like, ‘’Calm the Fuss Down” which has since made the brand to sell over 2 million units from the year 2015.

NoseFrida is made with a hygienic filter that prevents bacteria from traveling inside the baby’s nostril from the mom’s mouth. This filter is replaced after every use while the larger tube and the small tube are washed and cleaned with rubbing alcohol then reassembled for next use.


  1. Effective: NoseFrida is able to remove large amounts of mucus and dirt from the nose.
  2. Noninvasive: NoseFarida is never inserted inside the nose; it is just pressed against the baby’s nose.
  3. Nontoxic: The Aspirator is free from toxic elements such as BPA or phthalates.
  4. Economical: This type of aspirator is very much affordable.


  1. Very delicate: Many users say that the aspirator is very delicate and that it easily comes apart or break into pieces in case it falls down or a baby hits the aspirator down.
  2. Not convenient to use: it is very difficult for only one person to hold the device, suck the device and at the same time ensuring that the baby is kept still.
  3. Growth of molds: some users of the NoseFrida experience growth of molds along in the large and small tubes.
  4. Filter Replacement: The cost of replacing filters after every use makes the use of the device very expensive.
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Little Martin’s

Little Martin's Drawer Baby Nasal Aspirator

According to the company’s website, this nasal aspirator is a hand-held, battery operated unit with a mucus cup just behind the nasal tip. Also, the aspirator has silicone rings that need to be cleaned occasionally.

To use the aspirator, turn the aspirator on and place the tip inside the baby’s nose. After the aspirator has sucked all the mucus and dirt from the baby’s nostril, wash the tip and the mucus cup with a lot of hot water and wipe it dry.

The aspirator comes with both child and adult sized tip, so that the baby’s mother can actually try the product on themselves before using it on the baby.  It is also important to know that this product has the approval of U.S FDA.


  1. Soft tip: The aspirator always comes with flexible two soft silicone tips.
  2. The filter has no replaceable filters: This aspirator does not need filters since it is just operated by mouth suction.
  3. Easy to Clean: The aspirator is easy to clean since you only need soap and water.
  4. Effective: Most of mothers who have used this aspirator have praised it for its performance.
  5. Simple to Use: the aspirator is simple to use because it can be operated just by one hand.


  1. Insufficient Suction: Some of the frequent users of the aspirator have indicated that the aspirator provides insufficient suction.
  2. Noisy: The aspirator makes a lot of noise during its operation a factor that may be alarming to some babies.
  3. Expensive: This aspirator is very expensive, two-times costly than other aspirators
  4. Batteries Require: the aspirator needs regular replacement of batteries a factor that makes the use of the aspirator expensive.
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Bubzi Co

Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator for Sinus Congestion Relief

Bubzi Co has a soft silicone tip with a ridge that makes it difficult for the tip from going too far inside the nose. According to the manufacturing companies website the aspirator does not have in-build filters, but it recommends using a tissue as a filter if desired.

When the aspirator is used without the filter, there is a possibility of mucus passing into the mum’s mouth, especial if the nose stuff is thin and runny.


  1. Unique in nature: The suction tube enters the chamber at the side that makes the aspirator flexible and convenient to use.
  2. Flexible Tip: The tip is soft and made of silicone with a safety ridge that controls the penetration of the tip inside the nostril.
  3. Has protective casing: The aspirator comes with a very nice case that helps to keep the parts together and make it portable to move around with.
  4. Easy to Clean: The aspirator can be washed or rinsed with soap or alcohol.
  5. Effective: Many mothers have praised this aspirator for producing effective results.
  6. No filters to replace: The aspirator does not need buying of filters.
  7. Economical: The aspirator costs a bit less than bulb aspirators


  1. The aspirator has no barriers: The Bubzi Co aspirator has no filters to keep the mucus from going inside the mum’s mouth.
  2. Hard to get suction: some users have said that it is hard to suction the aspirator especially when you have used tissue as filters.
  3. The suction tube is very short: It is difficult to make positioning as the aspirator has a short sucking tube
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BabySmile S-502 Nasal Aspirator

BabySmile S-502 Nasal Aspirator

This aspirator is an electric unit and the company website explains that the aspirator provides effective and efficient suction. There are 2 types of this aspirator:

  • battery operated and
  • mouth suction aspirators.

The company website goes further to explain that the device prevents infection of the ear and facilitate faster healing from respiratory viruses and colds. This aspirator comes with a single silicone tip which is largely well designed to seal off the nostril for better suction.


  1. Convenient: The aspirator is very convenient in it use because it comes with two soft silicone tips of the same size.
  2. No replacement of filters: This aspirator does not need regular replacement of filters, unlike other aspirators, because it is operated by mouth suction.
  3. Flexible: The aspirator can be used by people of all ages, from babies to adults.
  4. Simple to use: the aspirator is simple to use and maintain.


  1. Discomforting to many babies: Many babies feel uncomfortable when this aspirator is used because it requires heavy-duty suction.
  2. Not easy to clean: it is time-consuming to disassemble, wash the aspirator and re-assemble the aspirator.
  3. Very noisy: The aspirator is very noisy in the process of its usage. It can, therefore, be alarming to the baby.
  4. Not Portable: The aspirator is very bulky to carry around.
  5. Expensive: This aspirator is very expensive when compared with other low-tech models.
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OCCObaby Waterproof Baby Nasal Aspirator

OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator - Safe Hygienic and Quick Battery

OCCObaby waterproof baby nasal aspirator model comes with three tips with one among them being a power suction tip. The tips are designed in a way to create a better seal so that suction is more effective. OCCObaby aspirator product comes with a 1-year warranty and has U.S FDA approval.


  1. Three Tips: The OCCObaby aspirator is designed with three soft silicone tips so that you can choose the best tip for your baby’s nostril suction.
  2. Have no replaceable filters: unlike the NoseFrida, OCCObaby does not have replaceable filters, because this aspirator is only operated mouth suction.
  3. Easy to clean: The mucus cup and the tips can just be cleaned with portable water and some soap.
  4. Effective: The OCCObaby aspirator is very convenient to use and produces effective results when used.
  5. Not complex to use: OCCObaby is very simple to use since it does not have long tubes, it can be operated even with one hand.


  1. Insufficient suction: Many users have complained that OCCObaby aspirator provides insufficient suction.
  2. Noisy: The aspirator makes a lot of noise that can alarm the baby.
  3. Expensive: This aspirator is very expensive, almost more than double the cost of other aspirators.
  4. Batteries are required: The aspirator requires batteries which must be replaced from time to time.

Types of nasal aspirators

Nasal aspirators basically come in four different types. They include:


This type of aspirator runs on electricity and is usually more costly than other types of aspirators. This type of aspirator works effectively for babies with chronic conditions. However, if your baby suffers from frequent nasal blockage use of electric unit aspirator may not be that necessary.

How to use it:

Put the nasal aspirator electric unit on power and then turn it on, insert the nasal aspirator inside the nose of your child. The aspirator will provide a continuous suction and after 5 minutes your child’s nose will have been cleaned up for him or her to continue breathing normally.

Oral suction

This type of baby aspirator does not require electricity or any kind of power to function. Usually, one end of the aspirator is inserted into the baby’s nose and another end is goes directly into the mom’s mouth. The mom has to provide the suction.  The aspirator is usually designed with a filter to stop mucus from making its way into the mom’s mouth.

How to use it:

Insert the blue marked end of the aspirator into the nose of the baby while taking the red marked side into the mom’s mouth.  The mom should suck the mouthpiece end as hard as you can in order to create a vacuum and draw out all the mucus for your baby to continue breathing normally.

Bulb syringe

This type of aspirator has been used for a very long period of time i.e from 1950s and it is usually very effective in getting rid of mucus from the baby’s nostrils. Bulb syringe aspirator is basically a soft bulb-like rubber that can be squeezed to suck out the baby’s nostrils.

However, it is also important as a mother to note that different manufacturers have come up with fundamental designs to make the bulb syringe more sanitary and more useful, hence when making your choice for bulb syringe aspirator go for the one that has been designed with sanitary provisions.

How to use it:

Before use ensure that the bulb syringe is clean, and then squeeze the rubber bulb to draw out build-up air inside it. Insert the bulb into the baby’s nose with the suction side and release the bulb. The bulb syringe will make a sucking motion and by so doing, it will clean up your baby’s nostril for him or her to continue breathing normally.

How to choose a good nasal aspirator

Here are factors to look for or what to consider when choosing a good nasal aspirator, they include:


Durability is an important factor when considering which kind of baby aspirator to buy for your child. A good nasal aspirator should last throughout your baby’s infant age until your baby grows to an age where he can blow his or her nose. In many cases durable aspirators have thick tubes and incase they are made of plastic, they are of high quality and compact.


A good nasal aspirator should give a natural cleaning window for you to see what is really inside it. It should allow cleaning to be done. Because mucus is very dirty and can cause stench and attract insects. Therefore an aspirator that allows you to clean it with a dish washer and sterilization with hot water could be ideal for purchase.


Safety should also be a major decision determinant when choosing an aspirator for your baby. A safe aspirator for child has soft tip nozzles that prevent the tubes from causing to the baby’s nostril during insertion and suction.

It should also be free from toxic elements and chemicals such as BPA and Phthalate. Lastly, it should have a cover or casing to keep the entire aspirator safe when stored.


A transparent aspirator is also another important factor to consider when choosing the best aspirator. A transparent aspirator will enable you to monitor the level of mucus sucked and will also be effective during cleaning since you will be able to see all the details inside it.

Suction Power

How effective the nasal aspirator will be in sucking the mucus should also be an important factor of consideration. You need to choose the aspirator with a good suction power and in these case human suction powered nasal aspirators are the best since the mother can control the suction power.

Dangers of using an aspirator

When your baby has a congested nose, it is may make her uncomfortable and make it difficult for her to breathe, eat and sleep. However, the nasal aspirators are always the best option to relieving your baby from stuffed noses but there are a number of dangers that are associated with these nasal aspirators that any mom needs to be aware of. Some of the dangers include:

Nasal Damage

The nostril tissue lining of an infant is usually very thin and that is you apply the nasal aspirator with a firm pressure, and either pushing it deep inside or push it too hard, it can rapture the nose lining tissue and cause nose bleeding.

The nose rapture though not dangerous it might cause your kid to experience some pain and discomfort. The rapture can also result to wounds in the nostril that might re-open up again the second time you try to use the nasal aspirator; this will always make your work of cleaning the nostril very difficult.

Nose Swelling and Painful Bump inside the Nose

The nasal aspirator cleaning procedure can damage the inside membrane of the nostril through the sucking motion, this can result to a painful bump and swelling inside the nose and this might cause the breathing difficulty of the kid to worsen.

It is always recommended to be gentle in apply the nasal aspirator inside the nose of your kid, and also you should make sure that the nasal aspirator is not inserted deep inside the nostril.

Also you need to use the aspirator when necessary and make the process of suction more effective by putting your baby into a steamy bathroom for at least 10 minutes. This will help to loosen the mucus in the nostril and it will make the suction process easy.

Spreading of Germs

If you use a dirty bulb syringe or one bulb syringe on more than one child, there is a high probability that you might be spreading germs.  According to the Children Hospital of the King’s Daughters, mucus can stay alive on the surface of the bulb syringe for more than 48 hours. However, it is important to practice high standards of hygiene when it comes to the use of nasal aspirator –bulb syringe.

It is recommended that after every use, you wash the bulb syringe in soapy water for a few minutes, allow it to dry for a few minutes and then douse it warm before using it again. This in the long-run ensures that the germs from one child are not spread to another child.

The best way of using an Aspirator

Nasal aspirators are safe and best choice to use in helping your child to breathe normally without difficulties as long as they are used with a lot of keenness.  To effectively use nasal aspirators follow the below procedure:

  1. Use saline drops or steam to loosen dried mucus in your child’s nose for a few minutes before using the syringe.
  2. Hold the aspirator between your forefinger and the thumb.
  3. Insert the tip of the bulb syringe gently inside your child’s nose.
  4. While inserting the tip of the bulb syringe, make sure not to press the end against the nasal lining.
  5. Gently release the bulb and remove the tip, make sure you clean the bulb syringe between each use.

In the process of using the bulb syringe, you realize that your baby begins to nosebleed or the baby becomes irritated, discontinue the process and seek consultation with your doctor about the best ways of making your child more comfortable from stuffy nose.

Other safe versions of the nasal aspirators such as battery aspirators can also be used in children nasal de-congestion but before you begin to use them, make an effort to follow the manufacturer’s directions religiously.

Safety Tips and Precaution of Using an Aspirator

  • The process of suction should be slow and gentle. If the process is so aggressive it can inflame or result to bleeding inside the nostril tissues, a factor that can worsen the congestion.
  • Suctioning the baby should only be restricted to only once or twice every day. Suctioning more than 3 three times a day can be damaging and irritating to the nasal lining. So avoid such a thing.
  • You need to maintain high levels of hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin the process. Or you can at least use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • While buying the aspirator consider taking the one that has been designed for the baby’s tiny nostril.
  • Follow the prescriptions on how to use the aspirator as given by the manufacture.
  • After using the aspirator clean all the parts of the device thoroughly with soap water or alcohol.

How to clean a baby’s nose without using an aspirator

  1. Saline Nasal Spray

For babies, infants and toddlers use of a saline spray is very effective as it works quick and fast. You only need to lay the baby down, then carefully tilt the head back and squeeze three or four drops of saline nasal spray into each nostril of the baby. It will within 45 minutes clear the nose and relieve congestion.

How to make nasal saline for babies

In some instances mucus will be thick and result to nasal congestion. However, salt water can make work easy by making the mucus thin.

How to prepare:

  • Mix 3 tablespoon of salt in half cup boiled water.
  • Allow the mixture to cool down for 15 minutes to room temperature.
  • Then pour it inside the nasal spray.
  1. Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Nasopharyngeal suctioning is done at the hospital by a doctor or a respiratory therapist. It is normally done when:

  • The mucus and nose dirt cannot be removed with a bulb syringe or an aspirator.
  • Your baby has abnormal breathing sound.
  • If the baby is in need of large volume of oxygen.
  • If the baby finds it difficult breathing and eating at the same time.
  1. Steam Clean

To use steam clean, you need to run a hot shower inside the bathroom for a few minute and allow it to become steamy. Sit inside the bathroom for at least 10 minutes with the baby. This may help to decongest the baby’s nostril and help the baby breath normally. Also this steam clean will also help your baby’s nose mucus to become thinner.

  1. Run Cool Air Humidifier

When the baby is asleep ensuring that his head is slightly raised and the run a cold humidifier in her room to offer relief and prevent stuffiness.


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