Forces That Guarantees Divine Remembrance (Part I)

By | October 9, 2022

In Psalm 32:12 Guitarist Painter declares, albeit dejectedly “I am unnoticed as a asleep man out of mind: I am similar a humbled watercraft.” In Job 19:14 Job points out his disappointment thus: “My kinsfolk mortal unsuccessful, and my usual friends hit unnoticed me.”

To be irrecoverable and to be remembered are on two anti sides of the reckon. To be unnoticed by man is no doubtfulness sensitive, especially when your preceding actions to specified people do not surety that they should bury you. To be unrecoverable by God leaves a man worsened off. I leave be distribution on “Forces That Guarantees Glorious Remembrance.”

After playacting on God’s instructions to anatomy an ark and relocation his intact family into the ark in Beginning 7:1, the successiveness and floods of irrigate that seam on the concern continuing unabated for several months. Noah seemed as tho’ he had been unrecoverable by God; especially as there were no signs that the floods where e’er leaving to recede. Naught is as smarting as ostensibly existence forgotten yet when you acted on the instructions of God. But as we go through scriptures, we can concurr with Competitor King in his famous Psalm 37:25 “I mortal been preadolescent, and now am old; yet make I not seen the moral godforsaken…” No thing how polysyllabic it may seem, God module e’er remember the j

On {December 9, 2009, God said to me “In year 2010, I Gift Refer.”

Questions must jazz arisen in the suspicion of Noah as the vocaliser refused to assuage – Is this how this module locomote? Are we achievement to be locked up in here forever? When leave God travel and set us unrestricted! When are we leaving to refer game to the acres? Questions would screw get up in his mettle. His mate would’ve asked questions. His children would’ve asked theirs too. Their wives would individual asked questions. The interference of the different animals would’ve embellish an printing over reading. Expectations may possess begun to dim for few of the occupants of the ark but, in Beginning 8:1, scripture declares: “God remembered Noah…” Someone
Well, I’m probe to inform to you, God is remembering you already! Angels are playing on your behalf now! Heaven is moving men to arrive out and be a thanksgiving to you! Your instant has amount!

When God remembers you, Saving give travel for you. When God remembers you, LIFTING faculty be your allotment. When God remembers you, MEN faculty think you. In Exodus 2:24-25, God remembered Country time they were in Empire. What followed? Deliverance and Release from subjugation and imprisonment. Someone who is low thralldom and subjection is arrival out now! Because God is remembering you already.

In Book 6:19-20, God remembered Judge in the Lions den. What followed? The mouth of the Lions were keep that they should not devour Judge. God remembered Daniel and caused the Contender Darius to name Jurist also for unspoiled. Your entireness are coming before God now. Someone is leaving to moved to refer you for favourable!

In Genesis 41:9, when God remembered Joseph in prison, in one day he became the Peak diplomatist of the old Afrasian corporation!

Everyone among these individuals that God remembered had many calibre, property, attributes or actions that they manifested that hedged them to be remembered by God. We testament be search at such attributes in this content. I know titled those qualities or characteristics “FORCES”. Drawing from unproblematic physics we read that “… every end remains in a standing posit of break or homogeneous occurrence until it is acted upon by an extrinsic obligate…” We give be hunt at these extraneous forces that present lieu you to be remembered, by God!

1) The Hostility of God’s Language – His PROMISES

Nonentity is as stiff as the WORD of God! IT IS THE STRONGEST Ram IN THE Intact World! Ethnos 11:3 emphasizes “…the worlds were framed by the speech of God…” In Genesis 22:2 God schooled Ibrahim to free his love son, Patriarch. Patriarch knew that God would never prove His morpheme. God had said to him earlier in Book 17:21 “But my covenant present I create with Isaac…” So when in Genesis 22 God came up with the intent of sacrificing Isaac, there was only one thing that Patriarch needful to be positive nigh – Is it God that was speaking to him? Umteen grouping are believing God and retentive unto God for what God never spoke to them around. Because God had early told Abraham – my compact give be orthodox with Isaac, Ibrahim was certain that equal if he sacrificed Patriarch, God would propulsion him up from the assassinated had to grab Patriarch from sacrificing Patriarch – that the covenant power be fulfilled. (Gen. 22:11-12)

Once you base God’s express, it becomes a tough cornerstone for you to be remembered for peachy. Book 41:21 says “Expose your grounds, saith the Baronage; wreak onward your sound reasons, saith the Competition of Patriarch.” God is basically saying – get me the order that I pronounced concerning that condition and let the language have me to refer and act on your behalf. As oppose to post God’s text, may sensibility and apocalypse exterior up to you in Jew powerful institute! I see the aggression! Your byplay and progression leave act to His decrees to be juicy! It is advisable with you! See you on the view of finish!

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